Ini sebenernya untuk self reminder aja, buat gue yang seringkali expect too much from people karena I often put myself as them and think that I’d do as I thought this people would do. Hmm bingung? sama gue juga..

Anyhow, we all aware that life doesn’t always go as you expect it. But you cannot live your life without giving it some expectations. Life without expectations is kinda … flavorless.

Jadi, gimana ?

Ya nggak usah banyak berharaplah kalau ke orang sih. Kalau berharap, langsung aja ke yang punya kehidupan. Allah will never fail you.

Set your standards and do your best to meet your standards. You must feel thrilled when it works out well. So as they say: your happiness lies within you, it doesn’t come from others.

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