Parenting with Harry Potter

This line from Harry Potter and the Cursed Child has its point.


We parents, often think that what we’ve done for the kids are for their best. Picking up the clothes to wear, their hairstyle, or even school they go in to, we do it in the name of love.

It is true that we love them loads that we don’t want them to fail especially in their early stage of life. We want everything to be settled and run smoothly, cos we think that we’ve been there before and now we know what’s best to be done. But then, if they don’t experience how it feels to fall and fail as a result of their own decision, how can they face the real life — the unfair and tough one ?

I’m no master in parenting. I have so many flaws. Even that I’ve taken┬ásome parenting classes, but when it comes to daily practice it is a totally different situation.

Parenting has no tutorial and it is a lifetime assignment. You will need to keep learning how to deal with your children, and with yourself.