To my beautiful girlfriends

No words can describe how grateful I am to have known you.  I take it as His way to show me which path should be taken.

One said that ” when you surround yourself with good and decent people, then all the good and decency will come upon you”. And it’s our choice indeed to pick who you will befriend with.

Maybe it just goes with time, that I finally come to a period where I frequently ponder what has happened or what a person means to my life. Everything in this world must have its own reason, and every person I’ve been acquainted with must have its own reason as well. Life, and people, told me thousand stories, and taught me another thousand lessons. And again, I take it as His way to show me which path should be taken.

One is truly your best friend if one can slap you with all the reality that really bites, yet smoothen you with all knowledge and wisdom one already mastered.

One is a true best friend if one can influence you with all the good and decency that come from our Great Creator.

Thank you for inspiring, influencing and supporting.

~ day 9

the 36 number

1977 to 2013 = 36 yo.

4 years to 40.
4 years to the age of which I always see as the era of ‘the beginning of oldness’, the era when I become much closer to death.

The age when I decided to wear hijab.
Moslem wear that I’ve been considering to put on for years, and it’s been my “niat” that before I die, I should have worn hijab.

But it was a long process.
A long debate with myself.
A lot of thoughts, a lot of doubts.
Enlightenments absorbed from my Pengajian, but yet tons of temptations of not wearing it occured.
Exhausting, upsetting.
Restless nights often with dreams about this “wear or not wear hijab” thing.

So relieved now that I’ve taken my decision.
Nothing is important as seeking bless for your life from your Great Creator.
and He, to whom you will ask for everything, will answer you with His Best answers.

Insha Allah.

~ day 2.

` reborn `