He Who Never Fail You



In times of desperation or happiness, one should never forget He who create this life and whom this heaven and earth belong to.


Tetiba teringat postingan FB almarhum kang Erland, beberapa saat sebelum berpulang ke Rahmatullah:

“Nggak boleh bergantung kepada manusia, ke Allah saja…”

Awalnya gue berpikiran kalau postingan ini berhubungan dengan kondisi kesehatan almarhum, bahwa manusia hanya bisa berikhtiar untuk mengobati tapi semuanya kemudian kembali kepada Allah, fully recovered or else. But later on, I realize that this is more than that.

Manusia tempatnya salah. Manusia tempatnya gusar, bimbang dan galau maksimal (gue). Manusia cuma bisa berpikir, berencana, tapi kemudian everything is God’s will. Kalau Dia tidak berkehendak ataupun ridho, mau dikata apa coba? Kata-kata manusia berikut janjinya bisa semanis madu, but who can guarantee that it will last? Broken promises are common things and for some people, it is as easy as doing A-B-C.

Sometimes we stuck in a situation and we don’t find any way how to get out of it. Remind yourself that your life is going as Allah planned it. Allah put you in this situation and He will also guide you. He will never burden you with something that you can’t handle. Turn to Allah and ask for His help,” (Dr Bilal Philips).

People let you down. And even you, can let yourself down. But with Allah, everything is assured and Allah never break His words nor let His creatures down. He never fail you.

Have faith.



Hey Kang, even when you are up there, what you’ve left behind is still inspiring us. Barakallah…



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