Level 42 (and half)

Bear with me, guys. When you’re in midlife crisis, nothing bothers you more than those 2-figure-numbers called AGE. SO yes, I’m on my Level 42 now and soon this number will add up. Sucks, huh?


When you are in your 40ish, life is running along at your pace, if calling it boring is a bit too strong. That’s why you’ll need to do something else beside your work and your family to keep your soul alive and sane.


Is it true? or you just simply want to prove that di tahap jompo pemula ini, you still can do what other younger people do? Some kinda your softest version of denial that you’re getting old? Well…

Beberapa bulan ini lagi seneng banget ngegym di sport club tempat gue biasa berenang. Sport club di komplek perumahan, nggak terlalu besar tapi alat-alatnya cukup lengkap meski agak tergolong outdated. Dapat PT yang baik banget, meski suka nyiksa kasih exercise yang bikin pengen nangis, tapi terus dia jadi nggak tega sendiri dan nawarin “mau dikurangin nggak hitungannya?” TENTU TIDAAKKK!!!!!

Maybe it’s only me, but when I push myself to the limit, I feel so thrilled! Rasanya nggak kalah sama yang lebih mudaan dari gue (SEE !!!). If they can do it, I can do the exact thing although it’ll take me some time longer to get there.

Gue pengen sehat. Have strong muscle. Nggak mau dibikin repot sama persendian yang sakit hanya karena gue jarang olahraga. Gue masih suka jajan, belum sampai tahap untuk clean eating. Tapi gue masih pengen lihat anak-anak gue sampai mereka nikah dan punya anak, dan by the time it happens, gue mau kondisi gue dalam keadaan yang sehat. Dan yang terutama adalah, I want a toned shape! If slim or lean is too much, that toned shape will do me absolutely fine.

When Life Gives You Lemons..

… i’m not going to make some lemonades because it adds some more tasks for me to do. So either I’ll have someone to make lemonade for me, or I can just leave them in the fridge. Or else, I’ll squirt them into people’s eyes!

Can you see now how 40ish I am ???

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