Umrah 2015: Your Calling, My Duty [2]


Akhirnya, sampai juga ke minggu terakhir menjelang hari keberangkatan. and it was marked with Manasik.

Lokasi Manasik di Hotel Park Lane, Jakarta. Arrived a bit late, but seemed like they just started. Greeted by Alia Wisata staff, had ourselves a cup of tea/coffee before entering the room.

First session was about the travel. Carried out by a senior called pak Rusli (if im not mistaken). A nice old man, warm, and clear in presenting the session.

A bit confused about our itinerary with SQ. Based on SQ website, the trip is through Dubai, transit for about 2 hours. But based on Alia Wisata explanation, the trip is direct from Singapore to Jeddah, through Riyadh. Well, I guess we’ll just find out later.

Second session was about the Ibadah, at a glance. Nice topic and presented by a very commical and funny Ustadz (can’t recall the name). Rasanya campur aduk banget, antara ga sabar untuk sampai di Madinah, sholat di Raudhah, kemudian tiba di Mekkah, melihat ka’bah with my very own eyes, sholat di Masjidil Haram, dan melakukan rangkaian Umrah. But at the same time, a bit worried leaving the children and mom at home. I learn that my brother will be staying, but still, i am worried.

Then, lunch time !!!!!

All menu was delicioso !! started with Pecel, with very endes bumbu kacang. Then hit the buffet table. Sop daging kacang merah, ayam, kwetiau, seafood asam manis, enaakk banget. Pudingnya jg enak, ga terlalu manis. Kue coklatnya jg endeess….kenyang deh !

Then, we called it a day for Manasik. But a bit disappointed. Koper2 yg kita minta untuk dibawakan, ternyata wasn’t there. Apparently there was a miss somewhere in Alia Wisata. but they promised to deliver the koper on monday afternoon. And we try to have our seat booked/requested, by window. Cos thats the point why we chose flying with SQ, the formation of seat: 2-4-2. But they said they couldn’t guarantee cos SQ usually arrange our seat (group check-in) alphabetically. Good news, my name is started with letter A and i dont recall any other names with A. So if it’s our luck, i’ll be sitting by window.

but well, let’s just see…

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