Until We Meet Again

Last Friday was the last day for some of my friends at the office. Closing the week by saying “until we meet again” to them really sucks. For years you’ve spent your hours at the office with them and now they won’t be around anymore.

For me, my relations with some people at the office are more than just co-working. There will be some people who are close to you emotionally. You didn’t just work with them, you live your life with them. You didn’t just know their working style, but you also understand them as a person. You spent your time laughing with them, making fun of others with no hard feelings, lunches, shopping, gossiping, and they were the person you were looking for when you had hard times with your work.

But life doesn’t always go as we want it to. You may want to keep all your best friends close to you, but they have their own life journey and destiny. You will just need to be grateful that your path had crossed with theirs, as it had given you so many things to learn and remember.

To my dear friends, I wish you nothing but the best luck ever in your next chapter of life, and thank you for everything.

We may not see each other physically again everyday, but hey, group Lt. 31 Ujung still there !! Please do keep close contact !!

LO_Zen Farewell

Lt. 31 Ujung

With loads of Love !!!

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